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PQRST Episode 52

June 30, 2017


PQRST Episode 52 — Chapters 8 and 9 of “The Kid”, following a quick rant entitled “The Customer Is Always Right Even When The Customer Is A Self-Entitled Millenial Numbskull”


PQRST Epsode 51

June 17, 2017


PQRST Episode 51 — thoughts on VBS 2017, improv games and a listening of WC telling the story of Gideon dressed as Indiana Jones!

If you’re a visual person, here is the link to see how good the costume looked (i.e., the video of the story):

PQRST Episode 50

June 2, 2017


PQRST Episode 50 – halfway to 100?  Whodathunk?  Join WC for Chapters 6 & 7 of “The Kid”, a quick introduction to, and two (TWO!) examples of what “owning your stage” is really like…