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PQRST Episode 32

August 27, 2016


PQRST Episode 32!  The second third of “Uptown Girl”, my original screenplay!  You haven’t heard me be snarky until you hear me snark at my own work…  😎

PQRST Episode 31

August 13, 2016


PQRST Episode 31.  Can a 23 year-old write a screenplay?  I did!  Fifteen years later, is it as bad as I expect?  (I haven’t read it in fifteen years, I don’t even remember what happens?)  We’ll go on that journey together in the Reading “Uptown Girl” Episode!

…which includes the story How-I-Failed-To-Make-A-Good-First-Impression-On-Comedy-Legend-Nora-Lynch!!

PQRST Episode 30

August 4, 2016


PQRST Episode 30.  Care to hear WC tell on himself, and explain the difference between vaudeville and burlesque?  It’s a collision course with wackiness on this week’s podcast…