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PQRST Episode 21

March 26, 2016


PQRST Episode 21!  All things open mic, from an MC opportunity at a local church to three minutes at Comedy Works in downtown Denver to ten minutes at my favoritest coffeeshop music open mic ever!  Includes a rant about new Batmen and a Leann Rimes parody song!!


PQRST Episode 20

March 11, 2016


Episode 20!  At long last!  It’s a Tale of Two Open Mics…can WC possibly get laughs in a smoky bar with completely clean material?  Can he be introduced as “I didn’t tell this guy he was coming to stage, I sure hope he’s still here” TWO weeks running?  And where does the nine week-old baby Isaac fit into all of this?  You’ll only know if you listen…