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PQRST Episode 14

December 26, 2015


Christmas Memories with special guest Tiffany Nuessle (my hot pregnant wife!)  What’s the best thing you can rearrange the letters of Merry Christmas to spell?  Will a gentle snowfall begin as we record the episode?  (Answer: yes)  What will the Fozzie Bear stand-up comic Lights & Sound ornament have to say?  Only one way to find out…


PQRST Episode 13

December 18, 2015


A bit of a ramble this week, as WC goes on the road (literally) and talks about writing jokes about birthing videos, prepping for the soon-coming baby (Isaac, not baby Jesus) and missing his exit!!

PQRST Episode 12

December 11, 2015


Here in episode 12 join WC the Comedian for part 2 of 3 (the first part being way back in episode 01, maybe?) about How I Got Started In Stand-up, part 2 focusing on the world of Improv!  Learn about “yes, and,” discover your inner Smells Like Peanut Butter Man, and find out when you too might have the chance to throw water in someone’s face!!

PQRST Episode 11

December 5, 2015


The second part of the two-part Submitting It All To God, Even Comedy Desires.  Are there Biblical examples of waiting for God to lead, and then seeing miraculous things happen?  I sure hope so, as that’s how I’m living my comedy life…