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PQRST Episode 10

November 26, 2015


The first of a two-parter attempting to explain how I run my comedy life (as well as the rest of that same life!)  The first part could be called “For Lack of Vision…”


PQRST Episode 09

November 20, 2015


PQRST episode 09!  In this episode WC talks about The Things Comics Shouldn’t Do, with a number of stories about his own moronity!  Also includes a parody song where he attempts to play the guitar!  Not to be missed…

PQRST Episode 08

November 13, 2015


Episode 08 – a sleep deprived WC (practicing for January when the baby arrives!) rambles vaguely on about jerky fencing companies, being on an internet radio blog (say WHA???) and tells more theater audio stories!  At least he thinks he did!
Also features a parody song mocking Vin Diesel.  Fun times!!
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PQRST Episode 07

November 6, 2015


PQRST takes a trip to Broadway with my special guest, the talented, vivacious and surprisingly goofy Tamra Hayden!  She came on the podcast arguably to talk about her latest one-woman show and CD release, but we get into door-to-door accordion salesmen, belt vs. legit, and telling Ricky Martin “No tongues”!  Plus a parody Phantom duet that–well, let’s just say I have one less thing on my bucket list.  You do not want to miss this one!!

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