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PQRST Episode 06

October 29, 2015


PQRST Episode 06!  Join WC the Comedian and special guest Emily Coates for discussions of stand-up comedy, improv comedy, and the upcoming Denver Improv Festival, presented by Sexpot Comedy and Denver Relief!
Want to see more?  Here’s a link to the DIF promo:
And as promised, here is a link to Emily’s comedy set at the Voodoo Playhouse (warning: contains adult material!  View at own risk!!):


PQRST Episode 05

October 24, 2015


Episode 05 of Parody, Quips, Rants and StoryTelling–featuring my very first guest!  My lovely and extremely funny writing partner, my wife, Tiffany Michelle!  I am smart enough to shut up and let her do most of the talking–and we delve into what it is like to support and cheer on an aspiring comic in the doggy-dog world of the Denver open mic scene.
Plus, a parody song that hopefully Sara Bareilles will never hear

PQRST Episode 04

October 20, 2015


The Big Show has now come and gone–hear WC the Comedian talk about his first ever experience headlining!  Along with possibly interesting stories about working behind the scenes in theater!!

As promised, YouTube links!
WC’s opening about Disney GPS:
French Accent (Kevin Bennett)’s feature set:
WC’s headliner show:

PQRST Episode 03

October 19, 2015


No rant this week, but lots of storytelling–the first time ever doing stand-up, getting used to being on television, and How To Write For Your First Headlining Opportunity!! Also, during the podcast I mentioned my first ever stand up. Here is the YouTube link to that video!

PQRST Episode 02

October 19, 2015


WC the Comedian discusses being bumped by the Pope, the “first bit I ever wrote” and a parody song about Madonna!

PQRST Episode 01

October 19, 2015


Join WC the Comedian as he rants about DirecTV, sings parody song “Show Me The Love”, and tells about shaking Dave Chapelle’s hand!