Week Eleven: #41 – The Passion of the Christ

The Nitpicker Guide to the Movies
“See the films you love in a whole new way!”
This is going to be a short one–because this is one movie I just can’t put my Nitpicker’s hat on for.  To tell the truth, I have never even seen The Passion of the Christ.  I can’t bring myself to watch it.
See, I believe that the story represented in this movie, the story of Jesus Christ, is absolutely true.  I believe every scripture about Christ is absolutely true, and I have accepted (with all my heart) that he lived a sinless life, and that by his death on the cross Jesus paid the price for my sins.  I not only believe in the Scriptures but have a personal relationship with Jesus himself–I speak with him, listen to him, and consider him my best friend.
And I cannot bring myself to watch a movie where the death of my best friend is so realistically and (as far as I’ve heard) accurately portrayed.  It is the most beautiful story ever told, but just like I can’t bear to watch the ending of Pay It Forward, so much more can I not bear to watch The Passion of the Christ.
So it’s a Free Pass week.  Have a safe and merry Christmas, don’t forget that if it weren’t for Easter we wouldn’t have anything to celebrate on December the 25th…and I will see you on the 26th.
Cadillacs and Dinosaurs…it’s Jeff Goldblum and The Lost World: Jurassic Park next Friday!

One Response to “Week Eleven: #41 – The Passion of the Christ”

  1. Jen Says:

    Good decision.

    I’ve seen it. Once. And I think I cried for 20 minutes straight while hiding behind hands at one point.

    Kinda cool that it made the top 50, though.

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