PQRST Episode 47

April 20, 2017
PQRST Episode 47.  “The Kid” chapters 2 and 3, along with thoughts on DVD commentaries (spoiler: I’m for ’em!) and a bit about having a dragon for a friend.
No, seriously…

PQRST Episode 46

April 6, 2017


PQRST Episode 46 — “The Kid” part 2, plus a rant about Buy-Back Games on South Broadway (hint: don’t go in there ever ever ever)

PQRST Episode 45

March 23, 2017

PQRST Episode 45!  Part One of “The Kid”, read by the author…

PQRST Episode 44

March 11, 2017



PQRST Episode 44.  The Nitpicker’s Guide to the Movies takes a swipe at “The Lost World” – don’t miss WC’s impression of Arnold Schwarzenegger as King Lear!

PQRST Episode 43

February 21, 2017


PQRST Episode 43 – Nitpicking “War of the Worlds” with special guest Adam Netteshiem!  Rants about trains, thoughts on parenting and fashion tips from Tom Cruise…

PQRST Episode 42

February 10, 2017
PQRST Episode 42!  The Nitpicker’s Guide takes on Daniel Craig and “Casino Royale”!  With many slips into British accent and also combining words that shouldn’t be combined…

PQRST Episode 41

January 26, 2017


PQRST Episode 41 – The Nitpicker’s Guide to the Movies takes on another Will Smith extravaganza: the hilarious “Men in Black”!

Also, if you grab this podcast off iTunes, an apology (and how-to-find guide) for the missing Episode 39!!!

PQRST Episode 40

January 14, 2017

PQRST Episode 40!  The Nitpicker’s Guide to the Movies takes on the superspooky Will Smith vehicle “I Am Legend”…

PQRST Episode 39

December 30, 2016
PQRST Episode 39.  Nitpicker’s Guide to “Return of the Jedi”, thoughts on “Rogue One”, and a moment of silence for a departed princess

PQRST Episode 38

December 15, 2016

PQRST Episode 38.  The Ultimate, Unauthorized Nitpicker’s Guide to the Movies takes on Robert Downey Jr. and Iron Man!  And stay tuned at the end for a special Christmas remix of, like, fifteen different versions of the Carol of the Bells!